About me


I am a soap dispenser that will leave your kitchen/ bathroom neat & tidy

I am a replacement to the unsightly bottles, soap bar & containers lying around your sink area

I am responsible for ensuring no more ring marks from overused detergent bottles are infecting your sink area

I am the perfect companion for your stainless tap wear

I am no ordinary soap dispenser

My pump is also my refill cavity – smart huh!!

You never need to unscrew my bottle to fill me up, just pull my pump off

The only thing I ask is that you provide me with a 25mm hole


I promise to remain leak proof

I promise to dispense the right amount of soap each time

I promise to remain clean

I promise to always compliment your sink

I promise to handle without fuss, washing detergent, hand soap, hand sanitiser & disinfectant.

$39.00 incl GST (FREE delivery throughout Australia)

Ph: 1300 080 575 Email: info@soapontap.com.au