It can be installed into stainless steel sink, laminated benchtop, timber, granite or caesarstone ultimately slim4vit opiniones top reviews any surface that a hole can be made.



• It’s easy to install it, your local maintenance man should be able to install it.

• Either use an existing hole that is in your sink or have a 25mm hole drilled into your sink or bench top



• Soap on Tap will fit into the hole

• There is a washer to keep it sealed from the top and a washer and nut to keep it in place from the bottom. For extra protection you may want to seal with silicon at the top.

• The bottle will be underneath the bench and when you need to refill the bottle you lift the pump up and fill it from the top.

• Handymen should be able to drill the hole into your stainless sink or laminated bench top. If you have a caesarstone or granite I recommend the stone mason to cut that hole when they are first getting the piece ready for you.